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Yes, same name as cat. Why? Because I can. XD I used her differently on a Roleplay thing, where she is knowns as Meo on there. She is an Ailuranthrope, or werecat. Discovered with her entire tribe in the Twilight Jungle by Zach, he was completely perplexed about his newfound discovery. Her tribe was a tribe of leopards, and she was ‘special’ having black fur and being blind. Her necklace is a small, green pebble-stone that has a tendril of quartz snaking around the front. Woven into a tight leather choker, she never takes it off. Her tribe strongly believes in magical talismans, though none except she has the aptitude to use magic. Now, she trains in the Garden to hone her magical ability. But even to the Fairimentals, she is a mystery. Appearance:¬†Exotic looking girl with tan skin, bright amber eyes, and short and shaggy hair the color of dark, almost black, wood that flops over her right eye. She is very petite, but don’t let that fool you. She’s rather pretty, with an egg-shaped face. Was born blind, but uses her other supernatural senses to guide her. Her ears are furred and pointed, and her eyes are slitted. Her nose bridge is akin to that of a cat, and has sharp fangs. A long, dark tail reaches past her feet. Her ears are like a leopard’s, covered with black fur. Personality: Very whimsical. She would often be described as ‘vindictive, fierce,’ though also ’empathic and seeing.’ She acts true to her animal counterpart, so when she gets mad, she acts like a vindictive tigress, and generally has trouble controlling her anger. ¬†But normally, she acts very cheery. Though she acts that way, she is very wise, and reads people easily. If you manage to worm your way into her heart, she will be loyal to the end.

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