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Ariel’s “Who’s Hoot?”



Age: 13 years old
Magical talent: Healer
Element: Water
Jewel: Rainbow healing jewel worn on silver bracelet.
Appearance: Auburn/red curly hair. Hazel eyes. Warm, friendly smile.
Personality: Easygoing. Loves animals. Helpful. Peacemaker.
Bonded animals: As a healer, Emily has a connection with all animals, but shares a special bond with Ozzie, Ariel, and Phel.
Screen name: docdoolittle
Skills: Healing. Highly empathic. ESP.
Facts: Moved from Colorado to Stonehill. Parents divorced. Helps veterinarian mom at Stonehill Animal Hospital, converted an old barn into the Pet Palace. Plays flute.
Background: Emily has a natural affinity for animals, having grown up around critters all her life. Her single mom is a veterinarian. She has learned to be fairly self?sufficient, due to her mom frequently being called out on emergencies, but she’s confident in her mother’s love and support. She is new to town, having just moved to Stonehill when her mother bought the animal hospital from a retiring veterinarian. Emily misses her old life and friends in Colorado. With a new home, new school, and newly divorced parents, Emily is lonely, and takes refuge with the animals at her mother’s vet clinic.
Emily finds a rainbow jewel that helps focus her healing magic. Her strong musical abilities also help focus magic. Her affinity for animals will also manifest itself in a special way: in addition to the ability to communicate with magical animals, the magic will enhance Emily’s ability to sense the feelings and intentions of non-magical animals, and to communicate with them.
Her magic will play an important part in healing the sick animals that are arriving from Aldenmor.
Although technically not a real animal, the ferret, Ozzie, has become Emily’s self-appointed protector and best animal buddy.



Magic: UnknownOzzie
Element: Air
Jewel: Orange ferret stone worn on a brown leather collar.
Appearance: Gold ferret with dark mask and tail.
Personality: Loves food. Caring. Blustery with a heart of gold. Loyal to the mages.
Bonded animals: Himself
Screen name: fuzzy1
Skills: Telepathic communication with the mages. Very good communicator. Motivator. Makes excellent chocolate chip pancakes.
Facts: Is actually an elf. Fairimentals sent him to earth disguised as a ferret to find three mages. Grew up on Aldenmor in the village of Farthingdale.
Background: Ozzie is an elf sent to Earth disguised in the body of a ferret to find three mages. He is proud and confident and thinks he can handle anything, until he meets three teenage girls. His mission: help the girls to become magic users. Ozzie is easily flustered and over excitable. Being stuck in a ferret’s body was not his idea and he is NOT particularly pleased about it. He knows very little about the Dark Sorceress and her background-only that she’s evil and will stop at nothing to gain power. Ozzie’s dream is to one day return to his elf body but he would have to return to Aldenmor and give up the mage quest and he’s not ready to do that.
Ozzie is definitely special. The Fairimentals chose him, but the true nature of his magic is a mystery.


Age: 13 years old
Magic: Warrior
Element: Earth
Jewel: Golden wolf paw worn on black bracelet.
Appearance: Black eyes. Long straight black hair. Tall. Thin. Native American/French.
Personality: Tends to be a loner. Tough, no nonsense. Nature lover. Strong opinions. Strong willed. Loyal.
Bonded Animals: Stormbringer, Dreamer, and Drake
Screen name: guitargirl
Skills: Physical. Athletic. Stealth. The power to see and hear through Storm’s eyes and ears.
Facts: Prefers black/dark colors. Plays a red Fender guitar. Lives on the Ravenswood Preserve near the Manor house with grandmother. Loves to run with Storm.
Background: Adriane lives with her Native American grandmother at the Ravenswood Preserve, while her artist parents travel the world. Adriane is perceived as the weird girl, always in black. She’s a loner, more at home hiking in the woods than hanging out in a mall. She feels she’ll never fit in or be special, and secretly this bothers her.
Adriane wears a wolf stone, a golden paw-shaped jewel. She is very protective of her magic – the last person she wants to share it with is Kara. Her magical abilities manifest themselves in the ways of nature and of physical things: strength, manipulating growing things (causing a tree branch to move) or enabling her to jump higher or run faster than normal. She seems to communicate with nature itself, feeling things around her that others cannot hear or see.
Adriane has an extremely strong bond with Stormbringer, a mistwolf. Stormbringer teaches her the ways of a warrior.



Species: MistwolfStormbringer mistwolf 2
Magic: Turns into mist. Communicates telepathically with mages. Can shield others in her invisible mist.
Appearance: Powerful mistwolf with silver fur that fades to white. Golden eyes rimmed in charcoal.
Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Selfless.
Facts: Bonded to Adriane but loves all the mages.
Background: A magical mistwolf that has become best friends with Adriane. Storm is a shapeshifter, able to change to shadowy fog and clouds. Storm’s bloodline goes back thousands of years, enabling her to tap into memories and visions of the past. Noble, courageous and true of heart, Storm is a true warrior. But unlike most mistwolves, Storm has developed a sense of humor and is not above practical jokes – especially with Ozzie, who occasionally resembles a tasty treat to carnivores.



Age: 13 years old
Magic: Blazing Star
Element: Fire
Paladin: Starfire, Fire Stallion
Jewel: Unicorn jewel
Appearance: Long blond hair. Sparkling blue eyes. Dazzling smile.
Personality: Popular. Charming. Confident. Strong willed. Funny. Fashion savvy. Diplomatic.
Bonded animals: Lyra, winged cat; five dragonflies, but has a special bond with Goldie.
Screen name: kstar
Skills: Amplifies other’s magical powers with her touch. Novice Spellsinger. Power shopper. Attracts magical animals who love to bask in her glow.
Facts: Mayor’s daughter. Brother named Kyle. Loves pink.
Background: Kara is rich, blonde, beautiful, and spoiled, the daughter of the town mayor and a hotshot lawyer who shower her with anything she wants. Kara is a social magnet and everyone seems to like her. Although she is constantly at odds with Adriane, Emily always steps in as peacemaker.
Kara is frustratingly-to her and to the others-clumsy at making magic work. But her magical talent is totally unique: she’s a magnet for magic, and a natural magic amplifier. The magic likes her, and always works better when she is around. Through the magic, Kara will learn that you don’t always have to be a star in order to shine, and that being a team player can have greater rewards than winning alone. Kara has no affinity for animals although she proudly considers herself a stuffed animal activist. When a magical cat, Lyra, picks her out as someone special, everyone is surprised-not the least herself, since she has never had a pet and would never have expected to care so much for an animal.



Species: Flying catlyra
Magic: Speaks telepathically. Magical wings. Highly empathic.
Bonded: Kara.
Appearance: Large gold cat with black spots. Green gold eyes. Iridescent golden wings visible only to those in tune with magic.
Personality: Fierce. Protective. Fighter. Since bonding with Kara, has developed a keen wit.
Facts: Was a prisoner in the Dark Sorceress’ dungeon. First magical animal that Emily healed.
Background: A magical winged leopard who was brought to the animal hospital badly burned by Black Fire. Lyra is dignified and very smart. She is extremely intuitive and can sense things no one else can. Lyra will help Kara become more sensitive to her magic as well as to others. Only mages can see Lyra’s beautiful, magical wings.



Fire stallionstarfire
Magic: Elemental fire, Bonded to Kara.
Appearance: Red and gold stallion made out of pure fire magic.
Personality: Loyal. Strong. Powerful.
Facts: Was created by the Goblin sorcerer Tangoo. Kara gave him all her memories when they bonded.





Magic: Elemental Water, bonded to Emily
Appearance: Deep lavender coat that shimmers with magic. Crystal horn shines with all the colors of the rainbow, a perfect match to Emily’s healing jewel.
Personality: Empathic. Playful. Musical. Brave.
Facts: Created from the Heart of Avalon. The magic of his bond with Emily allowed him to become her paladin. He will guide Emily to the magical island where the Gates of Avalon lie when Emily and her friends have collected all the power crystals.




Magical Talent: Magic Master
Appearance: Alabaster skin, green reptilian eyes, white blond hair with silver streaks, red lips, vampire teeth. Retracting silver claws.
Magic: Instead of bonding with animals, the sorceress steals their magic and absorbs it herself.
Personality: Greedy. Cruel. Manipulative.
Skills: Magic Master. Scrying pool. Creation of huge crystals. Creator of Black Fire. Dream Caster.
Facts: Destroyed an ancient forest of Aldenmor while building her crystals, creating the barren and toxic desert known as the Shadowlands.
Background: With her slitted animal eyes and vampire teeth, the sorceress is half human, half animal, and all evil. Her greed for magic is insatiable. The sorceress has been stealing magic from the animals of Aldenmor and storing it in giant crystals. Her failed experiments created the poisonous Black Fire that has left her world sick and dying. Having drained nearly all of Aldenmor’s magic, she is searching for a legendary place, the home of all magic: Avalon. The mages have been chosen to stop her and find Avalon first, but nothing will stand in the sorceress’s way.


Species: Demon classManticore color
Appearance: Lower body of a lion, upper body of a great ape with huge wings, long claws, and red glowing eyes. Smells rotten.
Personality: Vicious. Bloodthirsty.
Magic: Takes magic from others. Tracks magic.
Facts: Works for the Dark Sorceress.


Appearance: Half human / half spider. Hides her monstrous spider body with heavy cloak. Facet Spider-Witched yellow insect eyes.
Magic: Elemental magic master. Weaves elemental magic into powerful tapestries, an ancient form of spell casting. Wears a blood red jewel on a silver ring.
Personality: Ambitious. Calculating. Dangerous. Lethal.
Facts: Became permanently locked in half transformation when experimenting with elemental magic. Her lair is hidden in the Fairy Realms. Her goal is to reweave the magic web into a pattern of magic she can control.


Appearance: Tall thin goblin with pale green skin, long black hair and beard.Tangoo
Magic: Sorcerer. Created the Firemental stallion, Starfire.
Personality: Selfish. Manipulative. Ambitious.
Facts: Served as the Goblin Court Sorcerer. Helped Dark Sorceress and the Spider Witch escape from the Otherworlds. Now trapped in the Otherworlds – for the time being.





Appearance: Tall, thin, red hair worn short
Personality: Caring. Works a lot. Loves all animals.
Facts: Emily’s mom. Recently divorced. Moved to Stonehill to set up veterinarian practice. Loves to feed Ozzie lasagna.


Appearance: Long white braid. Lots of turquoise and silver jewelry. Native American
Personality: Spiritual. Supportive. Nature lover. Gives good advice. Understanding.
Magic: Has some knowledge of spirit world and magic.
Facts: Adriane’s grandmother. Caretaker of Ravenswood Preserve. Drives beat-up old pickup.


Appearance: Tall. Distinguished. Brown hair with grey streaks.
Personality: Diplomatic. Indulgent.
Facts: Kara’s dad. Mayor of Stonehill. Spoils Kara.


Appearance: Sophisticated. Stylish. Beautiful. Blonde.
Personality: Workaholic.
Facts: Kara’s mom. Lawyer.


Appearance: Medium build. Brown hair. Beady eyes
Personality: Suspicious. Self-righteous. Determined. Busybody.
Facts: Stonehill Town Council. Wants to bulldoze Ravenswood Preserve and build a shopping mall and country club.


Appearance: Long gray hair, blue eyes, small round glasses
Personality: Elusive, mysterious, kindly
Magic: Wizard
Facts: Missing owner of Ravenswood. Expert with crystals and jewelcrafting.


Appearance: Teenage girl with short, dark brown hair, and dark eyes.
Personality: Knows everything about horses, friendly, helpful
Magic: Wears a turquoise pendant passed down through her family.
Seems to be tied to earth magic.
Screenname: desertrose
Facts: Helps her uncle, Texas Slim, run the Happy Trails Horse Ranch in New Mexico. Rides a brown and white paint pony, Apache. The first “outsider” to discover the mages’ secret.


Appearance: Hazel eyes, curly auburn hair, handsome.
Personality: Loves music.
Facts: Emily’s dad. Scientist. Amateur saxophonist.


Appearance: Dark hair, beautiful, always looks perfect.
Personality: Fashionable, cultured, urban.
Facts: Emily’s new step mom. Curator of international art galleries.


Appearance: Tall, thin, athletic.  Long brown hair
Personality:  Creative. Absorbed in his art. Active.
Facts: Adriane’s father.  From France.  Speaks with French accent.  Travels the world to work on many art projects.

Appearance: Medium height. Long dark hair. Black eyes.
Personality: Shy. Reserved. Artistic.
Facts: Adriane’s mother.  Grew up at Ravenswood, but never felt comfortable there.  Nakoda is her mother.



Appearance: Wavy blond hair.
Personality: Popular. Stylish.
Screenname: beachbunny
Facts: Kara’s friend. Helps her mom with catering.


Appearance: Long red hair.
Personality: Outgoing. Brassy.
Screenname: credhead
Facts: Kara’s friend. Excellent singer.


Appearance: Short dark hair.
Personality: Follows the group. Friendly.
Screenname: goodgollymolly
Facts: Kara’s friend. First of the gang to help Kara out at Ravenswood. Takes dance lessons.


Appearance: Frizzy brown hair, beady eyes.
Personality: Chatterbox. Insensitive. Annoying. Snoopy tattletale.
Facts: Mrs. Windor’s niece. Plays flute in the school band.


Appearance: Tall. Sandy hair.
Personality: Fun loving. Practical joker.
Facts: Kara’s brother.


Appearance: Wavy black hair. Cute.
Personality: Fun. Playful. Helpful.
Facts: Kyle’s friend. Likes Adriane. Likes mechanics and computers.


Appearance: Tall. Curly light hair.
Personality: Nice but clueless.
Facts: Kyle’s friend.


Appearance: Medium height. Short dark hair.
Personality: Easygoing. One of the group.
Facts: Kyle’s friend. Writes songs.




Appearance: Snow white with turquoise, lavender and gold running through her wings. Sea blue eyes.ariel
Magic: Speaks telepathically and out loud.
Personality: Helpful.
Facts: Healed by Emily after being infected with Black Fire. Shares special bond with Emily. One of the stars of the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve tours.




RONIF (Quiffle)

Appearance: Silver white duck with flexible silver bill. Ronif-quiffle
Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.
Magic: Supports the mages.
Facts: Helps out at Ravenswood Manor. Rasha’s mate. Leader of the quiffles.




RASHA (Quiffle)

Appearance: Silver white duck with flexible silver bill.
Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.
Magic: Supports the mages.
Facts: Lives at Ravenswood Manor. Ronif’s mate.



Appearance: Pony with colorful wings.Balthazar
Magic: Supports the mages.
Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.
Facts: Lives at Ravenswood. Helps keep an eye on the mages and the preserve. Studies myths and legends.




EDDIE (Brimbee)

Appearance: Big blue rabbit with iridescent dark blue spotsabout_hoot_31_full
Magic: Supports the mages.
Personality: Feisty. Playful.
Facts: Lives at Ravenswood.




ROMMEL (Wommel)

Koala-like bear with big round eyes.Rommel-wommel








Deer with long ears, purple eyes and green stripes. Herdbeasts from the hills of the Moorgroves. Jeeran









Fox-like creature with a singsong voice.pooxim







Appearance: A magical pony with beautiful feathery wings.
Magic: Supports the mages.
Personality: Friendly. Proud. Brave.
Facts: Turned into a minion by Crumble the warlock minion.






Little white poodle


Golden retriever




Shepherd mix


Persian cat with green eyes






Appearance: Cute goblin teen with green skin, pale green eyes, green tinged black hair.
Personality: Charming, brave, athletic, witty.
Magic: Bonded with a goblin bat.
Facts: Secretly the Forest Prince, a mysterious masked stranger who helps give magic to all who need it. Member of the Fairy Underground, a secret group that helps keep the Fairy Realms safe from evil creatures.


Appearance: Goblin teen girl. Green skin, midnight black hair.
Personality: Intelligent, resourceful, creative.
Magic: Invents unusual magical devices. Knowledgeable in magic and science.
Facts: Goblin Court Sorceress. Was Tangoo’s assistant. Lorren’s childhood friend.


Appearance: Beautiful, deep green eyes, flowing silver hair.
Personality: Loving, wise.
Magic: Blazing Star.
Facts: Kara’s relative and greatest of all fairy queens. Wore the unicorn jewel before it became Kara’s. Has iridescent wings. Locked in the astral planes.


Appearance: Tall and delicate with flowing honey colored hair, violet eyes, and wings with sparkling rainbow swirls.
Personality: Noble, peacemaker.
Magic: Earth.
Facts: Distant relative of Kara’s. Received a red elemental rose from Kara.


Appearance: Tall.
Personality: Stately, brave, natural leader.
Magic: Water.


Appearance: Stout, green skin.
Personality: Opinionated, caring, strong willed, fiery temper.
Magic: Fire.
Facts: Lorren’s mother. Fair ruler of her kingdom. Determined to show not all goblins are evil. Received the sun stone fire talisman from Kara.


Appearance: Green skin.
Personality: Gruff but fair.
Magic: Fire.
Facts: Lorren’s father.


Appearance: Stout.
Personality: Pragmatic.
Magic: Earth.
Facts: Received the Heart of the Mountain earth elemental talisman from Kara.


Appearance: Long braided beard.
Personality: Loud. Gruff.
Magic: Earth.


Appearance: Big.
Personality: Brusque.
Magic: Water.
Facts: Received purple bunny slippers, water magic talismans from Kara.


Appearance: Thick gray skin, dark brown hair, moss green eyes. Wears leather armor.
Personality: Intimidating.
Magic: Earth.


Appearance: Brown eyes, long curly blonde hair.
Personality: Kind, gentle.
Magic: Air.
Facts: Received the air elemental harp from Kara.


Appearance: Curly brown hair.
Personality: Kind.
Magic: Air.


Appearance: Elemental earth horse. Pale green with bright flowers in her mane and tail, azure eyes.
Personality: Loyal.
Magic: Earth.
Facts: Bonded to Queen Selinda. Elemental horses only bond with one rider.


Appearance: Ice horse. Sapphire eyes, silver blue hide.
Personality: Strong.
Magic: Water.
Facts: Bonded to Fairy King Oriel.


Appearance: Red and green striped bunny with shimmering, jewel colored spots, and dragon wings.
Personality: Fun loving, good dancer.
Magic: Spellsinger.
Facts: Member of the Fairy Underground. Helped Kara at a Fairy Rave.


Appearance: Small flying bear.
Personality: Playful.
Magic: Enhances magic.
Facts: Evolved form of dragonfly. Member of the Fairy Underground. Helped battle a bulwoggle in Kara’s closet.


Appearance: Owl-like creature with gray and green feathers. Golden eyes and spectacles.
Personality: Officious.
Magic: Air.
Facts: Member of the Secret Fairy Air Delivery, Second Division. Delivered Kara’s invitation to the Fairy Rave.


Appearance: Hobgoblin. Gray eyes, short, pointy ears.
Personality: Ambitious. Likes to be in control.
Magic: Utility belt full of spell vials.
Facts: Famous treasure seeker based in the Fairy Realms. Used reward for finding Kara to open a catering business with his partner Sparky.


Appearance: Mookrat. Dog sized rat with long pointy nose and twitching whiskers.
Personality: Friendly. Tries hard.
Magic: Magic tracker.
Facts: Famous treasure seeker based in the Fairy Realms. Good cook.



FarimentalsProtectors of the magic of Aldenmor, each Fairimental represents one of the four natural elements of magic: water, air, earth, and fire. The Fairimentals live in the Fairy Glen, the hidden magical heart of Aldenmor. They have sent Ozzie to Earth to find three mages to help find Avalon. Fairimentals are tied to the magic of Aldenmor and can only appear on Earth for short periods of time through various natural elements.





Magic: Earth Fairimental
Appearance: Stick figure cobbled together out of twigs, leaves and shrubs, with quartz eyes and mossy hair.
Personality: Ancient. Wise.
Attributes: One of the most powerful fairy creatures. Made of pure elemental earth magic.
Facts: Takes on physical form using whatever earth materials are handy, such as twigs and leaves.



Magic: Water FairimentalMARINA
Appearance: Sylph formed out of sparkling water.
Personality: Ancient. Wise
Attributes: One of the most powerful fairy creatures. Made of pure elemental water magic.
Facts: Takes on physical form using water. Can appear in any body of water, such as Kara’s fountain on Earth, for a short time.




Magic: Air Fairimental
Appearance: Sylph formed out of barely visible currents of twinkling air.
Personality: Ancient. Wise
Facts: One of the most powerful fairy creatures. Made of pure elemental air magic.



Magic: Fire Fairimental.firemental
Appearance: Takes form from fire.
Personality: Uncontrollable and dangerous.
Facts: Most powerful of all Fairimentals. Hardly ever seen.







TWEEK, Experimental Earth Fairimental

Appearance: Small figure composed of earthy elements such as leaves, moss, and twigs. Clear quartz eyes.tweek
Personality: Knowledgeable.
Explodes when over excited.
Magic: Turquoise data crystal known as the HORARFF – Handbook of Rules and Regulations for Fairimentals.
Facts: Created by the Fairimentals of Aldenmor to stay on Earth and aid the mages. Patrols Ravenswood riding on Ariel.





Appearance: 8 feet tall. Bearlike. Purple fur.Phel color
 Empathetic. Understanding. Teacher.
Magic: Healer. Fairy creature. Spreads magical rainbow flowers. Floats.
Facts: Teaches Emily to heal. Seeded Ravenswood with magic puff flowers.





Appearance: Tree sylph, flowing grassy hair, eyes the color of the forest.orenda
Personality: Kind, nurturing.
Magic: Elemental earth; spirit protector of the Ravenswood Forest.
Fact: Rare and powerful fairy creature made of pure elemental magic. Protects Ravenswood, spreading magic to make the forest strong and healthy. Gave Adriane her wolf stone.  Raised Stormbringer as Adriane’s packmate.


DRAGONFLIES “Fairy Dragons”

GOLDIE (gold), BARNEY (purple), FRED (blue),
FIONA (red), BLAZE (orange)

Appearance: Mini dragons the size of bats.dragonflies
Personality: Playful. Earnest. Excitable. Helpful and sometimes pests.
Magic: Fairy creatures. Can pop in and out without the use of a portal. Can create a small portal by locking wingtips and forming a circle. Can be used as dragonfly phones to help mages communicate with each other
Facts: Come whenever Kara calls them. Natural magic weavers, they can weave the Ravenswood Dreamcatcher to keep bad stuff out of Ravenswood. Wild dragonflies spread magic seeds and tend magic gardens.





Appearance: Flobbin – giant frog with lumpy blue and purple skin, flat flippers, bulbous crystal eyes, long purple tongue and a wide mouth stretched in a perpetual smile.GHYLL
Personality: A bit sneaky but ultimately goodhearted.
Magic: Magic tracker.
Facts: Sent by Fairimentals to track magic blobs and report back. Loves Kara.


Appearance: Small, flying magical creatures about the size of butterflies. Translucent wings pulse with light.
Personality: Fun loving, curious, musical.
Magic: Twinkly bits.
Facts: They are drawn to magical gardens and forests. They work with the forest spirits.


Small fairy creature. Cross between an elf and a lizard. Purple, long tail, pointy shoes and belted jacket.


Cute little fairy creatures.


Long bearded creature.


Fat, big eyed fairy creatures that live in bogs.


Pint sized and purple.


Rare elemental creatures usually bonded to forests or bodies of water. Powerful protectors of magical places.





Appearance: Silver comb with long handle.angelo
Personality: Bossy, easily flustered.
Magic: Born to beautify.
Facts: In charge of the other enchanted accessories given to Kara by Fairy Queen Selinda.


Appearance: Golden clamshell mirror.
Personality: Excitable.
Magic: Contains whatever cosmetic is necessary for the occasion – eye shadow, blush, hair products, etc.
Facts: Can’t bear to be separated from the blazing star.


Appearance: Sparkly white powder puff.
Personality: Puppy-like, energetic.
Magic: Barks puffs of twinkly white powder.
Facts: House trained.


Appearance: Jade brush.
Personality: Argumentative. Loud.
Magic: Curly magic.
Facts: Originally owned by a goblin princess.


Appearance: Crystal skunk shaped atomizer.
Personality: Helpful. Smelly.
Magic: Puffs out different scents of perfume.
Facts: Favorite scent: “Morning Pew.”





Appearance: Silky raven-haired siren.
Personality: Mysterious and mystical.
Magic: Like the sirens of legend, Sylina’s voice is pure magic. Steeped in Celtic lore and taught Spellsinging by her mother and grandmother, Sylina is both mystifying and beautiful.
Fact: Has a stunning vocal range. She is the voice of B*Tween.


Appearance: Flaming red and pink-haired pixie full of high energy.
Personality: Playful, fun loving, joyous.
Magic: Crimson can release happy sounds from just about any object.
Fact: Crimson loves to pound on things, creating rhythms that make your heart leap and your feet start dancing! Crimson has the moves.


Appearance: Total sprite. From her pointy ears to her cascading blue hair, Andi lives to make music.
Personality: Full of sprightly energy.
Magic: An incredible songwriter and musician, Andi can play about anything put in her hands. Her music fills the soul, striking the deepest chords of feeling.
Fact: Her favorite instruments are guitar, fiddle, and dulcimer.



Appearance: Huge black mistwolf with golden eyes.
Magic: Can turn into mist. Walks the spirit trail. Has fairy map given to him by Adriane which shows him all the portals on Aldenmor.
Personality: Fierce. Stubborn. Proud.
Facts: Pack leader. Mate to Dawnrunner. Mother Silver Eyes. His “brother” is Zach. Wolf sister is Adriane.


Appearance: Silver coat and eyes.
Magic: Turns into mist. Walks the spirit trail.
Personality: Caring. Strong. Proud.
Facts: Den mother of the pack. Mother of Moonshadow. Raised Zach.


Mistwolf, “Warrior Wolf”
Magic: Magic tracker. Can turn into a cloud of mist. Speaks telepathically. Can walk the Spirit Trail.dreamer-art
Bonded: Adriane
Appearance: Black with white star mark on chest and white bands on each paw. Deep green eyes.
Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Playful.
Facts: Orphaned on Aldenmor. Given to Adriane by Silver Eyes.



Appearance: White with gold fur, sky blue eyes.
Magic:  Can turn into mist.  Walks the spirit trail.
Personality:  Loyal. Brave. Kind. Loving.
Facts:  Mate to Moonshadow.  Alpha female of the pack.



Appearance:  Black and silver, one green eye, one blue eye.
Magic:  Ghost wolf.
Personality: Stubborn.  Strong. Willful.
Facts: Former pack leader before Moonshadow.  Tried to bond with Henry Gardener but failed.  Killed in a fight with the Spider Witch.  Forced into being Spider Witch’s paladin.



Appearance: Thousands of ghost wolves who live on the astral planes of magicspirit-pack
Magic:  Elemental earth. Holds the memories of all mistwolves stretching back thousands of years.
Personality: Wise. Fierce. Protective.
Facts: The Spirit Pack is made of the pure essence of every mistwolf who has ever lived, and is the source of the mistwolves’ magic.  The pack runs the Spirit Trail, a magical pathway that crisscrosses the astral planes and leads to the shores of Avalon itself. Only mistwolves, and world walkers like Adriane, can safely travel the Spirit Trail.





All unicorns run the magic web and can make portals. They tune their horns to make music and focus magic. A unicorn may give its magic to any mage it chooses.

Appearance: Majestic and white.unicorn
Facts: Rescued Kara.







Appearance: Beautiful white unicorn.LORELEI
Personality: Supportive of Emily. Nurturing.
Magic: Runs along the web. Makes portals.
Facts: Traumatized by the Dark Sorceress. Special bond with Emily. Now a teacher at the Unicorn Academy.





Appearance: Gold/diamond crystal horn. White star mark on her forehead.RIANNAN
Magic: Unicorn princess.
Personality: Determined. Leader.
Facts: Shares special bond with Emily. Pollo’s sister. Very rare for a unicorn class to have more than one prince or princess, making Riannan extra special.


Appearance: Silvery blue with blue horn and white star mark on his forehead. Forelock sticks straight up.
Magic: Unicorn prince.
Personality: Fun loving. Brave.
Facts: Riannan’s brother. Very rare for a unicorn class to have more than one prince or princess, making Pollo extra special.


Appearance: Lavender. White diamond crystal horn.
Magic: Makes beautiful music.
Personality: Worries about everything.
Scaredy corn.


Appearance: Green with brass spots, orange sunburst horn.
Magic: Projects strong magic.
Personality: Wiseguy.
Practical joker.
Facts: Loves to bother Ozzie and calls him “Fuzzy”.


Appearance: Iridescent green with pistachio horn.
Magic: Makes wonderful, harmonious music
Personality: Most fashionable unicorn in the class.
Facts: Shares special bond with Kara. Loves to keep her mane and tail perfectly styled.


Appearance: Silver, silver horn.
Personality: A bit conceited.
Facts: Excellent line dancer.


Appearance: Orange, lemon yellow horn.
Magic: Especially strong musical magic.
Personality: Loves to sing.
Facts: Extremely loud.


Appearance: Sky blue, lilac horn.
Magic: Makes beautiful music.
Personality: Inquisitive.
Facts: A bit clumsy.


Appearance: Aqua blue, sapphire horn.
Magic: Plays in excellent harmony.
Personality: Loves to eat. Loves to share.
Facts: Has sock markings on her legs.

The rest of the class:





Red Crystal Dragon
Magic: Fire breathing. Strong flier.drake
Bonded: Zach and Adriane
Appearance: Huge red dragon with silky wings that shift colors.
Personality: Puppylike. Excitable. Loyal.
Facts: Red crystal dragon is born once every 1,000 years. Adriane found Drake as an egg and upon hatching, he imprinted on her as his mother. The Dragon stone was found in a shell fragment. Adriane gave Drake’s dragon stone to Zach.





Magic: Dragon rider, Level 1 mage bonded to elemental time magic.Zach
Jewel: Red Dragon stone worn on a leather wrist band.
Bonded animals: The Drake
Screen name: flyboy
Appearance: 15 years old. Sandy brown hair with blond streaks. Bright blue eyes.
Personality: Independent. Resourceful. Helpful. Heroic.
Skills: Outdoorsman. Survivalist. Grounds Adriane’s and the other mages’ magic.
Facts: Manticore killed parents. Raised by mistwolves on Aldenmor – wolf brother Moonshadow, wolf mother Silver Eyes. Has an Elven sword. Once bonded to a griffin named Winddancer “Windy.” Shares a special relationship with Adriane – they are both bonded to Drake. Parents Alexander and Graziela were friends of the wizard Henry Gardener, magic users and archeologists that came to Aldenmor to save the magic.


Appearance: Short, squat elf with long pointy ears and his hair knotted atop his head. Always carries lots of nautical instruments.Captain-Cribby
Personality: Enterprising. Excitable. Resourceful.
Magic: Bonded to the sea dragon Cribby, Jr.
Fact: Captain of the Fearless Flyer, his dilapidated but well loved boat. Spends most of his time at sea or in Port Tuga looking for business. Loves to sing sea shanties and tell stories.




Appearance: Enormous beautiful tree in the Fairy Glen. Produces tasty small red coconut fruits.
Personality: Ancient. Nurturing. Protective.
Magic: Alive – rustles leaves to communicate.
Facts: Home to Zach.




Appearance: four feet tall, curly hair. Wears boots of tanned leather, woolen pants, leather shirts and vests.
Personality: Sprightly. Brave. Determined. Heartfelt.
Magic: Supports good magic and the magic web.
Facts: Ozzie’s cousin lives in Dumble Downs.


Appearance: four feet tall, curly hair.
Facts: Ozzie’s cousin lives in Dumble Downs


Another of Ozzie’s cousins.


Little elf saved by Emily. Loves Ozzie.




Appearance:  Doll-like faces, long sinuous fish tails, hands with clawed fingers and fins. Iridescent green, blue, or amber hair. Blue green eyes. Sharp teeth.mermaid
Magic: Powerful spellsinging. Limited ability to see the future.
Personality: Secretive, fiercely protective of their magic.
Facts: Ancient ancestors of the Merfolk of Aquatania.  They live near underwater portals and concentrations of water magic, and lure ships that get too close with the hypnotic siren spellsong, causing the unfortunate ships to wreck.  Thought to be extinct until Emily, Marlin, and Cribby encountered them.




Magic: Dragon rider. Warrior.
Appearance: Mergirl. Blue eyes. Silver and blue wetsuit. Webbing between fingers and toes, light green skin, green flowing hair.
Personality: Strong willed. Friendly. Helpful.
Magic: Has special star shaped Sea Jewel given to those bonded with a sea dragon.
Facts: Meerka is her bonded sea dragon.


Magic: Dragon rider. Warrior.
Appearance: Merboy. Green and blue clothes fitting like a wetsuit, webbing between fingers and toes, green skin, green flowing hair.
Personality: Strong fighter.
Magic: Has special star shaped Sea Jewel given to those bonded with a sea dragon.


Appearance: Sea dragon. Huge, sleek, emerald scales, golden eyes.
Personality: Loving. Fierce.
Magic: Part of the dragon family
Facts: Adriane and Storm saved her from snow bears.



Magic: Dragon rider bonded to elemental water.Marlin
Jewel: Sea dragon jewel
Appearance: Brown eyes, light brown hair, pale green skin, cute.
Bonded animal: Niva the sea dragon, and several baby sea dragons including Harry, Elroy, Avril, Bertram, and Fizzles.
Personality: Likes  Can be spoiled, but is learning.
Facts: Used to think magic was outdated and unimportant until Emily and Niva helped him see his own magic. Father is King Spartos.  One day he will be King of Aquatania.


Magic: Elemental water
Appearance: Tall with graying hair and beard.  Sea green eyes, light green skin.
Personality:  Fair. Traditional. Authoritative.
Facts: King of Aquatania and Marlin’s father.  Although he respects the dragon riders, he believed the time of magic on Aldenmor was coming to an end until Marlin proved him wrong.



Magic: Elemental water
Appearance: Sleek purple and green scales, large golden eyes.
Personality:  Courageous. Selfless. Loyal.
Facts: A wild sea dragon who bonded with Marlin and went to live with the merprince at Aquatania. She helps him take care of his bonded baby sea dragons.




Appearance: Griffin – body of a lion, head of a bird, wings.windy
Personality: Fierce. Protective. Caring. Intelligent.
Magic: Communicates with bonded human.
Facts: Once bonded to Zach. Griffins can fly long distances at high speeds.






Appearance: Apelike with short orange fur, hunched, long arms, big round eyes, rows of pointy teeth.SCORGE
Personality: Bumbling. Out for himself. Not too bright. Likes to hum.
Magic: Magic tracker, but not very good.
Facts: Gathers magical stones and information for the Dark Sorceress.




Sea dragons bond with the merfolk of Aldenmor. They are big as a whale, sleek, and have big flippers to slap attackers, gills on sinewy neck, dorsal fin, emerald scales, and glittering sea green eyes.seadragon



Appearance: Head of a lion and the body of a giant scorpion.chimera
Solitary. Easily startled.
Facts: Very rare. When threatened, its deadly tail whips over its head to strike attackers.  Lives in the high desert, hunting at night and seeking shelter in cool caves during the day.



Appearance: Gold and black spotted cat with magical golden wings.
Facts: Lyra’s sister. Captured by the Dark Sorceress and injured by Black Fire.


Appearance: Gold and black spotted cat with magical golden wings
Facts: Lyra’s sister. Captured by the Dark Sorceress and injured by Black Fire.


Mighty winged creatures with the lower body of a lion and the torso and head of a great bird. Griffins are highly intelligent and very loyal companions. They have high endurance for long flights.


Mammoth-like creatures of Aldenmor.


Wild Aldenmor pony.


Appearance: Giant bats used primarily by goblins. Sleek head, short hooked beak and red eyes.




Appearance: Like ink blots with red eyes.imp
Personality: Bad.
Magic: Can reassimilate after being blasted apart.
Facts: Working as soldiers for the Dark Sorceress.






Appearance: Flying monters with leathery wings, bony horns on arms, neck, legs.gargoyle
Personality: Nasty.
Magic: Wield magical talismans.
Facts: In cahoots with Dark Sorceress.





Appearance: Ten feet tall with beady black eyes, massive, muscled, head of a pig with long curved tusks. Hunched, massive belly, feet with massive claws.
Personality: Vicious. Aggressive.
Magic: Brute strength
Facts: Weapon of choice is a double headed axe or spear and a round shield.




Appearance: Cloaked, tall figure with skull head and glowing eyes.harpy
Personality: Devious. Manipulative.
Magic: Spellsinger. Bewitches with music.
Facts: Terrorized Emily when it tried to steal the magic of Lorelei.






Species: SylphBANSHEE
Appearance: Greasy stringy hair, pockmarked, green skin covered in sores, gnarly fingers, bloodred eyes, ragged hole for a nose, thin blue lips
Personality: Evil.
Magic: Can appear in any body of water.
Facts: Washes item of clothing from next victim. Howls terribly.




Appearance: Seven feet tall, long arms, green scaly skin, talons, sharp teeth, blazing eyes.skultum
Personality: Tricky. Loves playing games. Self serving.
Magic: Spellsinger. Shapeshifter. Can only take shape of victim while victim is bespelled into sleep.
Facts: His real name is Darwoh.




Appearance: Curly black hair, deep blue eyes. Lanky, muscular, handsome.SKULTUM AS JOHNNY CONRAD
Personality: hottie
Facts: Teen pop idol. Skultum put real Johnny under a spell in order to impersonate him and get to the mages.





Appearance: Huge black horse with flaming red eyes snorting fire.NIGHT STALLION
Personality: Fearsome. Powerful.
Magic: Fast and powerful.
Facts: Usually ridden by goblins.






Appearance: Evil Ones: thick bodied, gleaming green eyes, sharp serrated teeth, stout heads, pointed ears.goblin
Personality: Fearsome.
Magic: Use magic jewels.
Facts: Prefer to travel on bats or night stallions.
Background: The Goblin race is vast and populates Aldenmor as well as the Fairy Relams. There are evil goblins but much of the race is peaceful and seeks to help the magic web and all good magic.





Appearance: Large lizard like creature.bulwoggle
Magic: Magic scavengers.
Personality: Short temper. Bully. Mean.
Facts: Roam the Fairy Realms and Aldenmor looking for magic to steal. Extremely strong. Mercenaries.



Appearance: Sharp claws, big as a bear, piercing black eyes, matted white fur.
Personality: Aggressive.
Facts: Live in the frozen north.



Appearance: Twisted tree sylph.forest-demon
Magic: Earth elemental
Personality: Cares only about devouring earth magic.
Facts: The tainted sylph drains magic from the place it has nurtured and loved, transforming into a force of utter destruction. The demon will not stop until the magic is completely gone.



Appearance: Ghostly, incorporeal forms that look like smoke and shadow. These fearsome hunters come in many different forms, including bats, dragons, cats, and wolves.Shadow-creature
Magic: Magical parasites who drain magic from their hosts until it is completely gone.
Personality: Voracious. Opportunistic. Fierce.
Facts: They live primarily on the astral planes of magic, and sometimes in the Otherworlds.  With a steady source of magic, they can remain in the real world.



Appearance: Shark bodies and wolf life heads.Sea-wolf
Magic: Water.
Personality: Ferocious predators.
Facts: Some of the fastest creatures in the ocean, they travel in packs and swarm in the warmer waters off the southern coasts of Aldenmor.






Appearance: Huge amphibious monster with multiple snake-like heads.hydra
Magic: When one head is cut off, two new heads grow in its place.
Personality: Solitary. Territorial. Quick to attack.
Facts:  Lives in swamps and bogs. Attracted to concentrations of magic.








Appearance: Tall, dark, and handsome.Donovan
Personality: Forward thinker, thinks warlocks and mages can work together.
Facts: Has a shape shifting minion named Frizzle that is a pesky trouble maker.





Appearance: About three feet tall.Crumble
Personality: Grumbles about everything, ambitious, cunning.
Facts: Has been a minion in Donovan’s family for 2,346 years and ten minutes. Does not believe warlocks and mages can work together.






Appearance: Shape shifter whose normal form is a small, cute fuzzy thing.frizzle 3
Personality: Exuberant, trickster, inquisitive.
Facts: Donovan’s minion.  Curious about mage magic. Always hungry. Protective of Donovan.






A Inanimate objects brought to life by a warlock spell.  Golems are usually created to accomplish a specific task.  Once a golem has performed its master’s task, the spell is broken, and the golem reverts to its original inanimate form.golem