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Aryn Alba

Aryn Alba

Aryn Alba
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She fell into a forest fire when she was still in the egg and got a still-burning twig in her right eye. It became blind. She somehow found her way out , and, on the very edges of the fire, she plucked out her gemstone, which transformed into the shape of a flame at her touch. She later found out her mother was Nyra, the evil general of the Pure Ones. She switched the letters of Nyra to make Aryn. Her father was Kludd, the High Tyto of the Pure Ones. The Pure Ones believed that only Tytos should rule and wanted to get rid of the other species. She later befreinded another barn owl named Zuko, who was a mage also. He has a scar on the left side of his face, inflicted by his lather just for talking out of turn during a war meeting.
(See Avatar: The Last Airbender for details about Zuko.) Eventually, they found Nyra and although Soren, Kludd’s brother, delivered a good blow, Aryn delivered the final blow. (sSee Guardians of Ga’hoole or Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole for details on Soren, Kludd, and Nyra.)

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  1. That is so creative!!!! You are the only one I’ve seen to post a mage that is not human!!!! Way to represent the animals!!!! You, my child, may have started an awesome revolution!!!!! ^~^

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