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Being Ozzie

Being Ozzie

Being Ozzie
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Some call him Mage
Some call him Knight of the Circle
Some call him Fuzzy

From humble beginnings as a plucky elf from the backwoods of the Moorgroves, to his amazing transformation into a magic-wielding, monster-fighting fer-elf, Ozzie has become a superstar of the web.

Now from Moose Gully in the heart of Ravenswood, it’s Being Ozzie! The show that goes in-depth, inside, and into the mind of a genius.
Stick with me as we probe into the minds of the stars of Avalon, bringing you close to the personalities you love!

Ozzie Frizzle 8
Not that close!

Lyra colorJoining me on the interview couch today is someone you all know, Lyra.

Doesn’t this couch belong in the library?

Nevermind about that. What do you think of our new set?

wise grass

These plants the Fairimentals sent us are acting peculiar.

Wise-grass. Pay no attention.  So, have you been following the badge contest? Lots of people are collecting me.

They are closer to winning.

You said it. And how about all that incredible fan art? I haven’t seen such artistry since Cousin Schmoot belted out the chorus of Elftown at the Farthingdale Community Playhouse.

Avalon fans are very creative.

Being Ozzie, tell me something I don’t know about you.

I have two sisters on Aldenmor, Rynda and Olinde.

I know that.

 And a brother in the Fairy Realms.

I didn’t know that.

His name is Ryden. He’s been helping Prince Lorren at Castle Garthwyn.
Satori have a long history as defenders of good magic.  

Oh, cool. Wait – what’s a Satori?

Tasha showed me some ancient data crystals, books on the magical animals of Avalon. My species was called Satori.Kara Lyra 2

Anything in there about fer-elfs?

Only a pancake eating mud-weasal.

Forget it.

Ozzie, you’re a total original, one and only.

Totally true. Best and worst thing about being bonded to Kara, go.

Excellent fur conditioner, too many baths.

What do you everyday when you’re not with Kara?

I patrol Ravenswood, attend Ariel’s Flight Training and Agility Course, and spend time working with the Satori kittens at the Garden, getting them ready to bond with mages.

Wow, I thought cats slept all day. Let’s hear some more. We can stay here as long as we like. We rule this gully!

What about moose 1
I was kidding, there’s no moose.

How do you know?

I know every animal on every square inch of this preserve.

A griffin has landed.

What the – ?

griffins we love griffins

Oh, well, everyone loves a griffin.
Thanks to our special guest, Lyra. Come back next week for an all-new, in-your-face, out-of-your-depth interview featuring another star of Avalon.

30 thoughts on “Being Ozzie

  1. “Some call him Mage, Some call him Knight of the Circle, Some call him Fuzzy” I call Ozzie the cutest little fer-elf on the web! Emily, Adriane, and Kyra are lucky to have him as a friend!

  2. I think Lyra is an amazing, protective Satori cat, and the fact that has wings and almost melted because Kara’s magic went crazy is CRAZY !!!!!![+ way cool that she didn’t die]

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