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Cat Magic

Cat Magic

Cat Magic
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My passion for helping animals is a huge part of what inspired me to start writing the Avalon series. Recently, I had an experience that really opened my eyes to a big problem: homeless pets. A friend and I were walking home one evening and we heard meowing coming from a bush. I leaned over to see who it was, and this beautiful cat practically leaped into my arms!


He was dirty, skinny, and obviously asking for our help. After giving him water and a small amount of food, we took him to the vet to see if he had a microchip (a small computer chip implant that would have his owner’s phone number.) He did have a chip, but the phone number was a dead end. We asked everyone in the neighborhood, but nobody had lost a cat. So, here he was, a beautiful, healthy stray in need of a home.Unfortunately, none of our friends were able to adopt him, and every cat rescue organization told us the same thing: there are more homeless cats than ever before, and it’s extremely difficult to find people who are able to adopt them.Tragically, thousands of homeless pets are killed every year simply because there are not enough people who want them. Not willing to take him to a shelter, my friend committed to fostering the kitty until we could find a permanent home.After two weeks of phone calls, texting, tweeting, and emailing, we got some great news: A nice family wanted to adopt him! Off he went to his new home, where he’s loving his new digs. His people have named him Sebastian, and he’s gaining weight and as happy as can be!

Even though Sebastian’s story has a happy ending, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the other pets who aren’t so lucky. How could I do something to help them? I called my friend Heidi at the Humane Society, and we agreed to work together to get the message out. Here are great tips to prevent pet homelessness:
http://www.kindnews.org/Mission_Humane/help_homeless_pets.asp If we all put in a little time and effort, we can help homeless pets find the loving permanent homes they deserve. Please give your own loud and enthusiastic voice to this important cause.I can’t begin to tell you how much love and joy Sebastian has brought us and his new humans. My Circle of Friends know what I’m talking about :)Your fellow animal lover,

15 thoughts on “Cat Magic

  1. Giang-Tien Nguyen-Hoang

    Hmm. I can relate.
    I see myself as a makeshift caretaker of a feral cat colony. I take tabs on the population, feed them, and observe the wildlife. The colony lives in a gorge (and part of the populations also resides in the bushes at a gazebo and a club) next to the sea, right where I live. I live on the californian coast, by the way. All of these cats were either dumped, unwanted pets, or escaped pets. Back in August 2013, I came across this friendly Russian Blue/Korat mix. He had stunning, sunset-gold eyes and a very friendly disposition. He was about 2 or 3 years old.
    We had very little time together, only two days (The same place is also my brother’s soccer practice, so I went there every Monday and Wednesday). It was then I began to bring in food, on top of some other ladies whom also took the cats to a local vet to get them vaccinated and stuff. Apparently, some dude spilled the beans that a friendly cat was there. Seriously, he only came when I called. I saw some other people there, and he just hid behind a bush with a bowl of kibble. I came along, and he greeted me with a couple of purrs and rubbed against my legs. I gave him some food in my baggie of kibble, and the ladies meandered over. They said he was too friendly to live in the wild (some people have bad intentions… gah) and they put him in a carrier to get adopted. Or at least… tried to. He was pretty smart, becuase when she brought out the carrier, he bolted. But eventually, one of the ladies seized him by the scruff and put him in the carrier. I’d seen him with some other cats, and I knew he didn’t want to leave his friends, but it was for the best. I was sad to see him go, but I knew he’d find a family, since he was a naturally loving cat.
    By the way, I originally thought he was a she, so I named ‘her’ Chamomile. XD It wasn’t later till’ that I found out he was a male. XD So a cat’s stuck with a girl’s name. Yay.

  2. That was really nice of you guys! Good luck!!!!

    My little sister loves cats, that’s how we got our first pet, Rocco, He was a stray kitten. Now he is a grown cat.

    We now have three pets, Rocco, Ginger, and hammy who is a hamster.

  3. I’m glad that Sebastian found a good home. I have a dog because my mom’s allergic to cats but I grew up with him and he’s like my brother. He even whines to me and acts like a baby all the time even though he’s old! x)

  4. I wish I wan’t allergic to cats or dogs. If I wasn’t I would get at less a dog and a cat. I love animals and I’m not letting my alliges get in the way.

  5. I feel bad for stray animals 🙁 About a year ago, my dad found three kittens in our garage. We kept one and the other two are with a different family 😉

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