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Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle
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Coming Full Circle (01-28-10)

Hello, mages!I hope 2010 is off to a wig-jigging start for everyone! My year has been exciting already-I just finished writing Full Circle! I am so pleased with the way the final Web of Magic story has turned out. Many of you have been waiting anxiously for Book 12, and have a lot of questions about how the story is going to end. My writer-mage promise: enough surprises and secrets revealed to keep all mages and bondeds happy 🙂 Avalon readers have been so excited and supportive throughout the series, so I wanted to share something special. Since this is the Full Circle blog, I thought I would turn the circle back to the beginning and post a wonderful gallery of images: the covers for the original editions. They were created by Jim Carroll, and it’s a different take on the world of Avalon that a lot of you have never seen before
Now let’s turn the circle forward! Work has begun on the new trilogy called Avalon: Shadow Warrior. This series will focus on Adriane and the mistwolves and will delve deep into mistwolf lore and legends. We’re going to introduce new mages, discover new bondeds, journey to new places, and become immersed in many new mysteries. And since Adriane takes the lead in this one, Zach and Drake will be prominently featured.Thank you for all the good magic you send my way-I wouldn’t want to begin a new adventure without my Circle of Friends.Your friend,

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