Circles in the Stream: Book Club Questions

01 Circles in the Stream
  1. What does Adriane do when she finds the hurt cat in the Ravenswood Preserve? Do you think she did the right thing? What would you do if you discovered a hurt animal?
  1. When Emily first meets Kara, Tiffany, and Heather in Arrowhead Park, they aren’t very friendly. Do you think Kara is more or less nice to Emily than Tiffany and Heather? How would you react to meeting someone different from yourself?
  1. At first, Adriane doesn’t want to share the secret of magic with Emily. How do Emily’s actions convince Adriane to trust her? Why is trust important in a friendship?
  1. Kara and Adriane don’t get along at all, even though they don’t know each other very well. How much do their preconceived ideas about each other affect their relationship? Do you think they can learn to be friends? What do you think makes a good friendship?
  1. Emily and Adriane decide to hide the CDC report from Dr. Fletcher. Was this a good way to deal with the problem? What could they have done instead?
  1. Emily is sad and lonely in the beginning of the book. How does learning to heal animals help her deal with her own pain?
  1. How does each girl’s personality fit with the kind of magical power she has? What kind of mage would you be?
  1. Why do you think Kara decided to tell the City Council where to find Phel? Do you think she would make the same decision again? What would you have done?
  1. How do you think Ozzie is going to adjust to being a ferret? How do you think he feels about being a new species in a new world? Have you ever been in a new place? How did you learn to adjust?
  1. Emily, Adriane, and Kara have to work together with each other and their animal friends to make magic. What do you think this means about the nature of true magic? How do you think you can make magic in your own life?