Cry of the Wolf : Book Club Questions

03 Cry of the Wolf
  1. Why do you think Adriane let Stormbringer go to Aldenmor with the other mistwolves? Did being separated make their bond stronger? Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you love?
  1. What is the difference between magic the Dark Sorceress uses and the magic the mages use? Which do you think is stronger? Why?
  1. In the beginning of Book 3, Adriane is very sad when Storm left her to be with the other mistwolves. Does her attitude change at the end of the book? How?
  1. In this book, friends still manage to reach each other across very long distances.  What does this say about the strength of friendship? Do you have friends or family who live far away?
  1. At first, Moonshadow doesn’t believe humans and mistwolves should bond. Would you have felt the same way in his place? Why or why not? How do Adriane and Zach change his mind?
  1. How is the Dark Sorceress’s black fire on Aldenmor similar to things happening to our own environment on Earth? What are some ways everyone can help protect our environment?
  1. Imagine you were the only human on Aldenmor. What would your life be like? How would it be similar, or different, from Zach’s experiences?
  1. In Book 1, Adriane didn’t believe in friends.  In Book 3, she makes lots of new friends. Does having friends make her a better warrior?
  1. Zach grew up wanting to get revenge on the manticore that killed his parents. How did his desire for revenge backfire? How do Zach’s actions at the end of Book 3 show how he has changed?
  1. How did Adriane follow her heart in this story? What do you think would have happened if she didn’t? How have you followed your heart in your own life?