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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Be Afraid!
Be VERY aFr-  Wait! It’s me, Ozzie,
I mean Frankenferret.

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it? It’s October again! Lots of fall activities are going on at Avalon HQ. Rachel is busy writing. The mages are busy with school and mage stuff.

The brimbees are busy with whatever they do, and me…

I’m busy counting all the new things coming your way in the world of Avalon.

First, the Avalon Manga Omnibus is coming out in December. If you missed any of the mage’s Warlock Diaries manga adventures, now you can read the entire three volume series in one glorious book! Sigh, could I be any cuter?

Speaking of books, Tasha is proud to present her brand new book club page. It’s right here. So many readers have told us how much fun they have in their book clubs, so Tasha decided to help everyone learn how to start their own. It doesn’t matter if you read from a book or on your iPaw, reading rocks!

Okay, now for a Shadow Warrior update – Rachel is working away on the new series. I’ve managed to ferret away a few bytes of sneak peekin’ info:

The Mage Academy has opened in The Garden on Aldenmor. Teenagers from all over the web are pooling their knowledge and learning about magic. All kinds of magic! There are even dark mages attending.

But what you really want to know is: what the heck is Adriane doing? It is Shadow Warrior after all. Indeedy-doo it is, and Adriane is training to become a Master of Shadow, learning all new magic and fighting ridiculously horrible monsters, discovering the secret of Zach’s past and confronting the terrifying Shadow Master and — gee, that doesn’t sound very warm and fuzzy. Better make sure I squeeze into some more scenes. It’s coming in 2011 so check back for details as they emerge.

Thanks to all the terrific fans and their bondeds who have sent their artwork, photos, and mages to the website. Have a safe Halloween and don’t eat too much candy. Give it to me instead.

Luv and peace out,

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