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Jae Ri

Jae Ri

Jae Ri
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***Note: I did now draw this picture. I own Jae who is used in my stories, but my friend drew this commision for me.***

Jae is a special mage. Native to another world entirely, she uses a special kind of magic. She is a ‘Spellcaster’, someone who specializes in spells. Unlike the other types of magic users, Spellcasters are the only ones who can accomplish certain things with magic, unlike the Spinners, Combat Magicians, and other classes, who can only do an few tasks.
Her magic is the color of a smoky, luminescent blue.
Jae is very level-headed and mature, but she can also be snotty and cold, haughty and snobby. She has a huge pride in her aristocracy, but as she joins the Phenixis Resistance, she gradually lowers the barriers and integrates herself with commoners.
She is very kind, though towards her friends, and acts like a protective mama-bear. She never ceases to be amused by her friend’s, Faeleen’s, antics and will always be there to bail her out of trouble.

3 thoughts on “Jae Ri

  1. Not only does your character seem interesting, it seems like you have a good plot line thought out!!!!!! I would really be interested in reading it if you put it up on a forum somewhere!!!!! Also, it’s WONDERFUL that you gave credit to your friend for her picture!!!!!!!!

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