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Kanika Hung

Kanika Hung

Kanika Hung
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Mage Class: Healer, slight warrior and blazing star powers.
Element: Wind, a little of influence over fire.
Age: 14
Race: Vietnamese/Chinese
Stone: Small, rough, silvery green stone in the shape of a small heart.
Bonded: Mirage, a Shadow Cat
Bio: Born in a small, Southern Californian suburb, her entire world consisted of a special place that she held close in her heart, her friends, school, and cats.
Not until she met Mirage, she knew nothing of magic. She always knew there was something that differentiated her from the rest. When she used magic for the first time, it felt right. She later discovered her roots traced back to the Fairy Realms, descending from a rare line of wingless fairies.

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