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Legend of the Magic Web


There is a web that connects our world with many others known as the Magic Web. At the center of the Magic Web lies the home of all magic, a place called Avalon. Avalon’s magic kept the web strong, allowing good magic to flow along its strands to all worlds. It is said that in ancient times, doorways, or portals, connected Earth to the Magic Web and other worlds.

One such world was called Aldenmor. Aldenmor had lots of magic and creatures imbued with magic; our world had humans who, being innate problem-solvers and creative thinkers, were capable of using the magic. When humans and animals bonded, the humans became mages and the animals’ magic grew much stronger. Gradually the mages learned to harness this power with jewels that could focus and store magic like batteries.

Mages and their bonded animals traveled to Avalon, working together and studying magic, testing the limits of their powers. But some mages turned dark, betraying their bondeds and taking magic for themselves. Mage fought against mage. In the end, the good mages could find only one solution to save the animals from the dark mages: close all the portals. Working together with their bondeds for the last time, the good mages sealed every portal on the Magic Web. Avalon disappeared, Aldenmor and Earth were no longer connected, and magic stopped flowing.

The magic web grew weak without Avalon’s magic and began to fade away.

On Earth, magic was slowly forgotten. Stories of magic and wondrous creatures remained, but few believed them. Only a handful of mages guarded the portals, waiting for a sign, any sign, that the portals would open once again to reunite them with their bonded animals.