Being Ozzie Presents: Mages & Mistwolves

Being Ozzie Presents: Mages & Mistwolves

Being Ozzie Presents: Mages & Mistwolves
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Greetings friends, elves, mages, and bondeds. Welcome to another edition of Being Ozzie.

I’m your host, Ozzie, with ace reporter, Tweek.

ozzie 1

Hello, fellowmentals!

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From the magical A-listers to our own home-grown talent, we will get the inside scoop. This week we have a with a very special member of Team Magic. We all know him. We all love him. Give it up for Dreamer.

Dreamer nose

Hello. How are you?

I’m terrific. You see your badge, quite a handsome pup.Dreamer

Yes, I am pleased so many mages are collecting the animal badges.

So let’s start with some facts. You’re a mistwolf bonded to Adriane, the warrior.

Adriane is not only my bonded, she is my packmate.

And packleader.

Adriane is packleader of Ravenswood. Moonshadow is packleader of Pack Home on Aldenmor.

Is he as grumpy as he looks?

Yes.Mt Hope

We know mage magic is based on emotional bonds between mages and animals. Warlocks have minions. We know blazing stars, healing magic, warrior power. But what is mistwolf magic, what makes it special?

Mistwolves are all connected by a strong spiritual force, the Spirit Pack.

Tell me more about that.

The Spirit Pack contains the magical essence of every mistwolf who has ever lived. They run the Spirit Trail on the astral planes. Living mistwolves have a special talent called world walking, which means we can run with the Spirit Pack, accessing their memories and magic.

A symbiotic interwoven force, the pack united is an awesome display of magical power.

Right, how far back do mistwolf memories go?

The Spirit Trail reaches back to ancient Avalon.

Unlike unicorns or dragons that pre-date Avalon, mistwolf magic seems to have formed when the spirit trail first started in Avalon.

The history of the mistwolves is filled with peril. The very nature of our magic lies hidden from the eye, cloaked between light and darkness.

Uncle Barth used to scare the pudding out of me with stories of mistwolf packs that hunted the Moorgroves. Mistwolves have not always fought for good, right?

It is harder to find the light when you run in shadow.

Fascinating…Adriane contacts Storm

Thank you.

Data crystals describe horrifying shadow creatures during the reign of Avalon. Humungous, foul things so diabolical, so fiendish, they twist your darkest fears into a cyclone of terror until you cry for – !


Adriane just opened a new bag of my kibble.

What’s she fixing for me?

Tuna salad and tortilla chips.

Let’s hurry this up.

Mistwolf magic is extremely powerful because it can be shared and amplified among the pack.

Yes, my pack may be small but together we can call on the power of the entire pack if we need to.

Use the force, Duck.GirkUntitled-1
Get it?


Nevermind.  Why does Adriane have such a strong bond with mistwolves?

Adriane is a very unique mage.

You’re telling me.

Tell me!

She is not only bonded to two mistwolves, but also to a dragon, one of the most powerful of magical creatures.

And Fred.

Yes. Adriane is also a world-walker. She runs with the Spirit Pack, an extremely rare talent for a human. And we are both tied to the spirit of Ravenswood, Adriane’s first bonded mistwolf, Stormbringer. All of which increases our magic.

A single member with unique powers benefits the entire pack!

Easy, Twighead, you’ll lose your bush. Being a member of the pack totally complements her unique abilities.  Am I warm?

Your body temperature appears normal.

Thank goodness. What do you do for fun?

I visit Pack Home and help train the young pups, preparing them to bond with mages. I also spend a lot of time with our pack at Ravenswood. We enjoy playing quiffle ball.

What’s your favorite part of the preserve?

Wolf Run Pass, fast run through the pass with nice views from the bluffs. Adriane and I hang out there after we train, enjoying the beauty of our home.

Ravenswood packMap of Ravenswood color

Excellent, this has been another incisive episode of Being Ozzie. Thanks to our special guest Dreamer for chatting with us.

And to all you mages, if you haven’t started collecting badges, go here ‘cause the contest winners are going to be announced in a few weeks! Don’t miss out on some great Avalon stuff.

Peace and love.


32 thoughts on “Being Ozzie Presents: Mages & Mistwolves

  1. I’m totally obsessed with these interviews! I love almost all the characters, but I think it would be cool if Ozzie interviewed Drake next. Or maybe Ariel. Anyways, I think these are awesome! I’m practically checking every day for a new one!

    • That’s the coolest idea ever! I really like all the Mistwolves, because they’re just plain awesome, but Moonshadow and his pups are the cutest things together!!!

  2. Kind off topic but, does anyone know what is up with that movie? Sites say it was “coming soon” but what was written was made years ago. So a movie usually takes about two years to make right? And we don’t get much information on this site. All we get is that movie poster and that’s all. Does anyone even have a clue? ‘Cause I am not sure when that part of this website was updated. Do you guys think some company bought the movie rights and then did nothing with them or that this entire thing is taking a very long time to get out? Please, please reply! 🙁

    • I used to check Avalon EVERYDAY for it to be updated. It has been years. I’m so happy that is updated and am scared that Being Ozzie will not continue.

  3. I’m crazy about mistwolves and Adriane[and Zach], they’re my favorite characters. Adriane is amazingly brave in my opinion.Dreamer and Storm , are just heroes to me.When Storm died to save the other mistwolves, while thinking of her bonded is amazing!!!! Don’t you think?Oh, and I also think Ozzie should have his own talk show,it’d be amazing!

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