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Being Ozzie Presents: Are You Too Small To Be A Dragon?

Being Ozzie Presents: Are You Too Small To Be A Dragon?

Being Ozzie Presents: Are You Too Small To Be A Dragon?
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Hello, dragon lovers.

This episode of Being Ozzie features the largest member of Team Magic and also one of the smallest. Yet they both claim to be dragons.


ozzie2aI’m your host, Ozzie.

And this my sidestick, Tweek.

tweek a


We had to move the couch and everything else to make room for our first guest, my big, red bro. Here’s Drake!


drake 89

And portal popping in is the small but mighty, Goldie!

BO dragons 2a

… and Barney and Fred and Fiona and Blaze.

Barney: Oooooziie!

Ozzie: Fine. So, Drake, how’d you get so big?

Drake: Dragons are large.

Ozzie: Oh really, then how’d the d-flies get so small?

Goldie: Fairy dragon.

Drake and GoldieA

Ozzie: Dragon magic is very ancient and powerful. How about d-fly magic, is that strong?

Goldie: With Kara, we make lots of magic.

Fred: We turned her hair green.

Barney: And purple.

Blaze: And red.

Ozzie: Yet a dragon could argue you’re too small to be a dragon.

Drake: Dragons of Dragonhome are stubborn. Many don’t accept fairy dragons as real dragons. Debates have been going on for years.

BO dragons 5

Tweek: Dragonfly magic originated in the fairy realms, their purpose is to spread magic seeds.

Goldie: Phelowers.

Tweek: Strong concentrations of magic seeds can form powerful jewels.

Ozzie: Like the ones Emily and Adriane found in Ravenswood.

Tweek: Correctomental. Unicorns spread magic on the web, fairy dragons spread magic throughout the realms

Ozzie: So what makes a dragon a dragon, wings?

Drake: Some wyverns are wingless.

Ozzie: Breathing fire, then.

Tweek: No, sea dragons don’t breath fire.


Tweek: Dragons are some of the oldest of magical creatures.

Ozzie: How old are you?

Drake: Three and a half.

Ozzie: Oh.

Drake: But dragon eggs can take thousands of years to hatch.

Ozzie: Wow, I bet you couldn’t wait to get out.

Drake: I knew someone special was waiting for me, my momma.

Tweek: Perhaps the common characteristic you are looking for is that all dragon eggs contain a dragonstone.

Ozzie: Like the one in Drake’s egg.

Drake: My bonded, Zach, has that now. It’s a red crystal. That’s why I’m called a red crystal dragon.

Ozzie: You mean dragonflies have dragonstones, too? There must be thousands buried throughout the Fairy Realms. Let’s go!

Tweek: Not so fast, my furry friend. When a dragonfly hatches, it absorbs the magic of its gem.

Ozzie: No magic crystals.

Goldie: Just me.

Barney: And me

Fred: And me me.

Ozzie: Do NOT sit on the ferret!

Tweek: With the exception of sea dragons, Drake and the five d-flies are the first dragons to bond with humans since the fall of Avalon.

Ozzie: Why is that?

Drake: Most dragons don’t trust humans.

Tweek: In ancient Avalon, dragons left the realms of humans never to return.

Ozzie: Yet Kara is bonded to Goldie and the d-flies. She’s even been to Dragonhome.

Tweek: Adriane is Drake’s momma.

Drake: Emily has helped dozens of baby sea dragons find their bonded mer-mages.

Ozzie: Good gah! This is a whole new era of magic!

Barney: I love Ooozie.

Ozzie: So let me summarize, you’re big, you’re small, you have a gem in your egg, your egg is a gem. What does it all mean?

Drake: You don’t have to be large to make big magic.

Goldie: And you don’t have to be small to make a loud noise.

Ozzie: No matter how big you are, the heart of magic is working with your bonded.

Adriane hugs Drake

Kara with Dragonflies
BO dragons 6b

52 thoughts on “Being Ozzie Presents: Are You Too Small To Be A Dragon?

  1. Avaminn F'nett

    What you said about Wyverns is incorrect. Wyverns actually do have wings, they just have 2 legs instead of the 4 that dragons have. There are dragons that don’t have wings, but wyverns aren’t one of them.

  2. Gah! Tweek just checked some dragonwiki. You’re right – most wyverns have wings, but there are a few that are wingless. Dragons outfitted for combat like knights usually are wingless wyverns. We’ll fix that.

  3. Oh, glad to see some fellow dragon nerds about! 😀 Maybe try out taleofdragons.net, if you’re into that sort if thing. Its my main hobby site, so you’ll see me on there as well (a lot more frequently once I return from holiday, anyways). You will probably be able to guess which one I am on the forum. 🙂 Good job on correctig Ozzie about the wyvern thing! Are all wyrms wingless? Either that, or they just dont have legs. But no, dragons withwings and no legs are amphipteres, so wyrm must mean no legs or wings. Hmmm, most dragons do have wings, excwpt eaterns and sea dragons…Unfortunately, I’ve also heard the term wyrm used to describe an elder dragon. It does get confusing, doesn’t it? :/

  4. Haku from Spirited Away is one of our favorite wingless dragons. Probably not classified as a wyvern, more from Eastern dragon lore with long snakelike body, horns, and flowing whiskers. But there are examples of wingless dragons out there.

  5. No I don’t think they breath fire because their fairy dragons and I don’t think fairies breath fire ( If I am wrong just tell me because I’m not a nerd at this stuff!!! )

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