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Ozzie’s Update

Ozzie’s Update

Ozzie’s Update
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April 2013

Hello mages and Ozzie fans, my staff and I are on the case to bring you all the latest activities here at Ravenswood. With a quiffle, an owl, and a pile of twigs, what could go wrong?

I’ve been supervising the conversion of all the Avalon books to ebooks so you can take me everywhere. Book 8 was just released, here on Amazon. This is one of my favorites! I think I create a fire ferret and save the universe. Check it out.


So, anyway, unless you’ve been living in a bog, you might have seen this:


After years of work, the Avalon movie is coming together. I will be the first to bring you all the official announcements as they happen. I personally worked with the writers to craft a script so spellbinding, so terrifying, so electrifying, so full of Ozzie, I almost flipped my pancake.  Avalon: Quest for Ozzie!

No? Okay, I’ll work on that.


29 thoughts on “Ozzie’s Update

  1. Is the movie gonna be in manga anime or with real actors and stuff? Or cartoon animated but not manga??? I REALLY need to know this!!! I really can’t wait until 2015… 🙁

        • Giang-Tien Kinh

          *facepalm* I think you’re missing the point. It is going to be live action. Anime is Japanese. And movies generally don’t air if they are cartoon, especially for books like this, because it will gross less.

    • Giang-Tien Nguyen-Hoang

      How would one audition for the movie? Do we send in a monologue recorded on a vid, or do we have to go somewhere and audition there? Thanks.

  2. YES! Finally, my favorite book series is becoming a movie! This series has traveled so far and I’m stunned at the new website. I’m also happy that so many people are into the series now!

  3. I have been speeding through the books and am dying to read Full Circle. My mom won’t buy it for me and my local library doesn’t have it yet. I can’t wait for the mobie to come out.

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