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Primrose Hillsong

Primrose Hillsong

Primrose Hillsong
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Age: 16
Personality: kind, funny, energetic, tenacious, cheerful, active, loyal, sweet, impatiant, loud, outgoing, determined,thoughtful, gentle, bold
Charisma: Upbeat
Background: she got lost in the woods near her home at five and Quiksilver’s herd found her. She was raised by them from then until she was 15 when she found her stone. the stone looked like a river stone when she found it. she met Nightengale soon after, they met because nightengale had left to find the human she felt like she was supposed to bond with and that human turned out to be Primrose. They then decided to go find out more about Primrose’s stone and Quicksilver felt compelled to go with them. It has been a year and they have become a strong team and wonderful friends.

4 thoughts on “Primrose Hillsong

  1. Cool!!!!! I love the Poomix and Jeeran!!!!!!! It’s nice to see them bonding with a Mage!!!!! Usually people get so focused on some of the more “well known” (for lack of a better term) animals. It’s nice to see others represented!!!!!!

  2. Giang-Tien Kinh

    Spelled ‘topaz’ wrong. You know, I’m not sure you know what tenacious means. Because tenacious really just contradicts everything else listed about her personality. That, and it doesn’t even fit into context.
    Oh, which generator did you use? It looks like a good one.

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