Rachel Roberts Halloween Blog 2009

Rachel Roberts Halloween Blog 2009

Rachel Roberts Halloween Blog 2009
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Happy Halloween – don’t get scared, it’s only my cat, Attila. Like many of you, this is one of our favorite holidays. The crisp fall weather, the bright colors of pumpkins and turning leaves, and the beginning of the holiday season are all great reasons to be excited about October 31st. And the rules for having an awesome Halloween are simple: be creative, use your imagination, and have fun with your friends. That also happens to be the perfect recipe for making magic!

Halloween shows what can happen when we open our minds and try to look at something in a different way. Plain pumpkins transform into glowing faces full of personality; sheets can turn you into a mummy, a ghost, or a fluttering fairy; familiar houses become magical landscapes in the shadows of twilight. Halloween is all about possibility, what can be seen if you take time to look beyond the surface. That’s a big theme in Avalon, and something to keep in mind year round. Give it a try, and you’ll discover magic in things that seemed perfectly ordinary at first glance.

So gather your friends, spread some good magic, and remember that on Halloween, anything is possible!

Your friend,

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