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Rachel’s Boggle Blog

Rachel’s Boggle Blog

Rachel’s Boggle Blog
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What’s up Team Magic!

The final volume of The Warlock Diaries is here, yay!

There’s something extra special in the new manga: a clue in the back of the book will guide you to a secret page on the Avalon site with an exclusive download of the new Be*Tween song! Check outOzzie’s blog for all the info. 🙂

Creating the Avalon manga adventure was all about teamwork. I was lucky to collaborate with a talented team who brought Avalon to life in a way no one had ever seen it before. My favorite part of the process was looking at the pages right after Shiei drew them. Even though I knew what was going to happen, it was always a surprise to see how Shiei divided the script into panels and designed all the pages. Take a look at how this short section of script I wrote was turned into an amazing spread by Shiei!

The mages and mistwolves sing the wolfsong to summon the Spirit Pack.
Great Spirit Pack,
please guide us to our friends.

The sky opens up and an arcing pathway of stars appears: the Spirit Trail. To the sides of the path are billowing clouds of mist. The Spirit Pack arrives and greets the mages.

Welcome, wolf sister.

Thank you Spirit Pack Leader.

Run with us.


As you can see, Shiei did an amazing job translating the script into illustrations. A lot of times she’d pick up on aspects of the story I hadn’t even thought of. And it just got better and better as the letterer placed the dialogue and the shading artists refined the illustrations. (Check out the manga section of the Avalon site for more info on how the manga is created! avalonmagic.com/manga05.php) It’s awesome to have so many people adding their creativity and enhancing the story every step of the way.But Team Magic didn’t stop there. When it came time to add something musical to the magical mix, music mage Debra Davis wrote an awesome new Be*Tween song called “Golden.” The song perfectly captures the team spirit of Avalon, rocking out with friends to make magic happen.Now it’s your turn to join the team! Feeling “Golden” inspired me to write, Shiei to draw, and Debra to create music. Good things happen when you’re doing something you love and are full of inspiration. What will you do when you’re golden?Your friend,

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