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Rue Alexander

Rue Alexander

Rue Alexander
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Grew up in Chicago, IL, but moved to a small town in California when she was 11. Because of her vast knowledge, she goes to a very prestigious boarding school. One day when she was out in the woods located just outside the school’s campus, she fell into a hidden portal and was taken to Dragon Home, where she met Auroranthra (Aurora). Not long after, the two became bonded and Aurora offered to help Rue find the portal back to her home. By mistake, they ended up taking the wrong one and landed in Ravenswood, where they met Emily, Adriane, Kara, and the Animals. The group helped send Rue back to California and Aurora back to Dragon Home. Now every weekend, the both of them portal hop to Ravenswood to train with the other mages. Once, the group decided they were going to travel to Aldenmor so that they could check up on Zach and the Mistwolves, and this is where Rue met Dawnseeker (Dawn). Together through many trials and adventures, the two built the bond needed for Dawn to become Rue’s Paladin
Personality: Smart, outgoing, cunning and quick; you’ll never have a dull moment when you’re around her. Rue has a very upbeat personality that everyone will love.

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