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When she was five her parent’s disappeared and she was sent off to her uncles house. When she was thirteen she was at the park with her step brother and a huge chasm opened in the ground and her brother fell into it. She was screaming in stress, not knowing what she was doing. And she jumped in the chasm too. She fell in a patch of roses and fainted, when she woke a level 3 mage who was a healer named Maya had she and her brother in two large beds. Three days after her brother went out side and didn’t come back, this was harsh for her, and she sat in the moonlight for hours staring in a lake and saw something glowing at the bottom. She swore it was a tnck but she slowly walked in and fished out the glowing objet. It was a jewel. She dried it off and rubbed over it when she was knocked into the water by some creature, which was trying to take it from her with it’s teeth. Maya saved her and put the mistwolf into a trance. She found a palidin a year after. She never made it back to earth. Personality: Shy, yet kind when she comes out of hiding.

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