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Hello, all mages!

Tweek here with a Team Magic update. Things have been rocking at Avalon HQ. The final book in the Web of Magic series, Full Circle, will hit stores the first week in March! Bawow!

I just read it and my twigs are rattling with excitement, I have the best lines! Oh, and there’s also some other exciting stuff in there.

And now, your humble E.F. will review what else is going on around here.


1. We have a new section on the site called: ‘Circle of Mages‘. It’s a place where you can all design your own mage. If you want a hint on how to get started, here are a few suggestions:

a. Name – every mage needs a name.

b. Mage type – for example, blazing star, healer, warrior, and dragon rider. But there are other kinds of mages out there, including dark mages. A mage can also be a mix of different types (part healer and warrior).

c. Bonded(s) – every Level 1 mage needs at least one bonded animal. Level 2 mages need a paladin, an elemental creature that comes to their aid when they are in great need.

d. Jewel – each mage has a jewel that is totally unique and tuned to their magic.

e. Element – each mage uses a different kind of elemental magic, like fire, water, earth, air, and time.

f. Personality – what’s your mage like? (strong-willed, kind, loves music, funny, etc.)

g. Magical Skills – mages can have a variety of abilities, including super strength, spellsinging, jewel crafting, etc.

h. Background – here’s where you can add anything else you want everyone to know about your mage, favorite foods, music, etc.

2. Coming soon:
Avalon: The Warlock Diaries, Volume 3. We’re planning a special musical surprise for the release of the new Avalon manga. We’ll post more details as we get closer to launch.

3. My boss, Rachel, has completed the Avalon: Web of Magic series. But don’t worry about not having more Avalon; Rachel has just started the NEW Avalon series. We will post previews, art, and inside information in the next few months. If you like Adriane, Drake, and mistwolves, hang on to your wolf stone. This is going to be an amazing adventure as Adriane explores her Level 3 mage powers!

Now that you’re all up to date, I need to recharge my HORARFF to make room for all those new mages. Until next time, keep the magic real!


    • Avaminn F'nett

      Just because everyone seems to like Adriane the best (I actually like Emily more) doesn’t mean they are a wolfaboo. It’s not like she’s even a wolfaboo character, she doesn’t have multicolored wolves or anything. Also, I’m pretty sure Adriane is featured since Rachel is writing a book specifically about her called Shadow Warrior. Why not one for Emily or Kara? Probably because there are only 2 Adriane-focused books in the series, Cry of the Wolf and Ghost Wolf. The rest are Emily or Kara focused.

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