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The new Avalon HQ is now live!

The new Avalon HQ is now live!

The new Avalon HQ is now live!
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Hello Mages and Bondeds,

Ozzie here.
The new Avalon HQ is now live! Now’s there’s more of me to love than ever. And to celebrate, we have something really special.

Do you know what the most asked question is for Avalon HQ?
Me either. But Tweek has extrapolated an answer. “How can I bond with a Ozziequiffle?”
No, that can’t be right. Ah, I had it mixed with most asked question from a mistwolf. The correct number one asked question is: “How can I bond with Ozzie?”
OzzieBlogpic127Well, now is your chance. Emily’s Pet Contest is now up!

Check out all those cool magical animal badges on the home page and start collecting them. And if you’re lucky enough to find me, you get an extra bonus: me! And make sure you have extra liver snaps. Oh, and there’s cool prizes and stuff, too.

It’s all about you and your bondeds working together, so get started.
11-Dark-Mage200Dark Mage is now up, ready to add to your eBook library! It’s all digitally cool and shiny and eTastic. Yay !– wait, isn’t that the book where I – gah! Whatever you do, do not read Dark Mage! I mean, whatever you do, you have to get Dark Mage!

OzzieTiredI’m so confused. But there’s no time to nap, not when Rachel is so busy on the Avalon movie. That’s right, I said it. But I can’t talk too much about it right now, they have me under a gah order.

Suffice it to say, everyone at Avalon HQ is busy pulling all the pieces together so you can all see me on the big screen in all my fer-elf glory! More exciting news coming soon.

56 thoughts on “The new Avalon HQ is now live!

  1. “Yay !– wait, isn’t that the book where I – gah! Whatever you do, do not read Dark Mage! I mean, whatever you do, you have to get Dark Mage!”


    • I’m hoping the same thing. I heard this movie is partially based off of Circles in the Stream. So there may be a possibility of more movies for the other books. Yay!

  2. I know why he’s like, “Wait, isn’t that the book where I – gah! Whatever you do, do not read Dark Mage!”… sad.

    But just like Ozzie, “Don’t read it, Don’t read it… wait, I’m not telling you anything, read it if you don’t know what I’m talking about”

    Ozzie, you’re so funny. I love you.

  3. I’m so happy the site’s been updated! (Now to see if I can get those bracelets…) 😀 I hope Shadow Warrior comes out soon! (And that it has deer in it x3) I guess the movie has to be done first, though. Well, at least progress is being made! :3 Go team Avalon! ‘u’

  4. I just came on here expecting the old site and look what I got! A whole new update. So glad team Avalon is still on. I still adore the books to this day. :] looking forward to what’s to come.

  5. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. I’ve been looking forward to it for four years now… Does anyone know anything about when it’s supposed to come out?

  6. It will take some getting used to (the home page on the old website was pretty cool…), but the new website is beautiful and wonderful, and I am SO excited to check it out!!!

  7. This is one of the coolest book websites i have ever been on. Also if anyone has news on the movie, PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT AWAY. I’m just so crazy wild about it. 🙂

  8. I only recently picked up the series again (for the millionth time x3) so naturally I had to come back to the website so when I saw that there was going to be a movie, I got so happy!! Keep up the good work uwu

  9. Omigosh! This is my childhood! I Remember having to beg my aunt to take me to Barnes and Nobles to get the next book after I was finished with one 🙂

  10. Just so people know, the badges for the contest are messed up. It gives you the badge for only doing the last listed criteria. Unless they get it fixed, I don’t know how the contest is going to work.

    • Hi Gylfie,
      Yes, you need to complete all of the criteria listed to earn each badge. When you complete the last listed criteria for a badge you should get the badge. Let us know if you think there is a bug with a badge somewhere.

      • By “complete”, do you mean for the contest, or to get the badge? Because I received the badge, but I didn’t do all of the criteria. That is what I mean. The problem isn’t getting the badge, it’s that I got the badge before I earned it.

        • Well, you can just copy it onto a file or something if it’s a computer. If it’s like an iPad, just go to the image, the click the box with the arrow pointing up in the left upper corner. Click save image. It’ll be in your gallery. In the Upload Your Pet thing, click the box in the middle. I think it’ll have 2 choices, but don’t pick the one that says like, “take picture now.” Click the second one, which’ll probably lead u 2 the Gallery 2 choose a picture.
          I think u know how 2 do the rest. I think I told u the right info…

  11. Faith Peterson

    I know i can not wait for the movie i just hope the movies are like the books most movies are not like the books and i hate it when that happens.

  12. Can’t wait for the movie!!! I wonder if they’ve got all the voices for the characters yet, cause i’d totally rock at Adriane’s voice:) I hope they don’t yet, I really want to prove that I’m good at more than just drawing and writing. I WANT TO BE AN ACTRESS!!!! XD If not, I can still dream… 🙁

  13. You know, I’ve been thinking there should be some games on this website, because I think avalon is like, the best book series I’ve ever read and I think it really deserves a few games X) I’vegot an idea for one,too 🙂

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