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Vuelie Adava

Vuelie Adava

Vuelie Adava
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Vuelie was born on Earth to a basically average family in the U.S. One day she somehow activated a portal by a creek near her house and fell through. She landed in the Secret Forest on Aldenmor and was visited by an Earth Fairimental who instructed her to go west to the Garden. Although she didn’t know what it meant at the time, she headed west and eventually reached the Moorgroves. There, she befriended the elves and met Taurefea, who had been taken in by the elf village after her herd was killed in a fire. The elves also gave her her necklace and the stone in it, which had been glowing ever since her arrival. They took that as a sign that it belonged to her. After that, she and Taurefea continued west to the Mage Academy at the Garden, where they hope to train their powers as a team.

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