Wave Starside

Wave Starside

Wave Starside
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was abandoned as baby. A day later Foggy found her and caryied her to his den then he turned into mist and brought his mate to her. One day when she was ten after a nap, she realised some thing was on her wrist when she looked down she saw the cat stone.

3 thoughts on “Wave Starside

  1. I like the fact that you had magic cats raise her. On top of that, obsidian was a refreshing choice in base stone. I can just imagine how pretty the small, clear quartz looks against the smooth, dark black of the obsidian!

  2. Olivia Dawn Swensrud

    love her! i love how her gem is obsidian.obsidian is a special gem and is very grounding just like the element earth. 🙂 and quarts is also amazing 😀

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