The Quest



The portal between Earth and Aldenmor has opened once again. But the Magic Web is dying. New mages and magical animals have one last chance to work together and find the home of all magic: Avalon.

But the unthinkable has happened: a Dark Sorceress has risen to power on Aldenmor and her greed for magic is insatiable. The sorceress has been stealing magic from the animals of Aldenmor and storing it in giant crystals. Her failed experiments have created the poisonous Black Fire that has left her world sick and dying. Having drained nearly all of Aldenmor’s magic, she too is searching for the legendary home of magic.

The guardians of Aldenmor, Fairimentals, are determined to find new human mages to work with magical animals. The most likely candidates are teenagers, ones old enough to take on the responsibility, but young enough to believe in the magic. They must find Avalon before the Dark Sorceress and use its magic to heal Aldenmor and the Magic Web. The Fairimentals have sent some of the last animals to a legendary sanctuary on Earth, the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve, a place where mages and animals can be trained in magic.

But with the gateway finally opened, good magical creatures aren’t the only ones crossing into our world. Evil ones are, too-including minions of the Dark Sorceress. Now, all worlds along the web are in danger. If the mages cannot find Avalon, the web will fall apart, permanently severing the connection between worlds. No human and magical animal will ever bond again, and magic will be lost forever. This is the last chance, the last hope to save the magic.

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