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What’s What


World where magic still exists as a natural resource. Home to the Fairimentals, many species of magical animals and various creatures and races. Portal in Ravenswood leads directly to Aldenmor. (Click here for a Map of Aldenmor.)


Legendary home of all magic, hidden somewhere along the web.


Ancient spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dreamcatcher is usually placed where the morning light can hit it. As you sleep all dreams have to pass through the dream catcher. Only good dreams can pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the morning light.

A dreamcatcher woven from strands of the magic web hangs over the Ravenswood portal to keep out harmful magic and let in good magic.

Fairy Glen

Hidden home of the Fairimentals and the heart of Aldenmor’s magic.

Fairy Map

A fairy map is a guide to locate portals leading in and out of worlds, connecting to the larger and all encompassing Magic Web. Fairy Maps also indicate other places of highly concentrated magic. It is possible to combine multiple fairy maps to create a larger scale map.

Description: The fairy map is a celestial sphere, interlaced with gossamer thin strands, not unlike a gyroscope or spyro-graph. At points along these strands, bright colored icons indicate points of concentrated magic.

Star active portal
Spiral closed portal
X unknown magical source
black hole corona highly dangerous door
Friendly =) access portal protected by Fairimentals
Fairy Realms

Magical world on the web closest to Avalon.


Kara coined word meaning all mixed up.

Flora Rainbowpufficus

Scientific name for magical rainbow puff flowers, whose seeds spread magic.


Trans-web deliveries made by Fred the blue dragonfly.


Human user of magic who has at least one magic jewel and at least one bonded animal.


Magic is a powerful but rare natural resource that must be used with great respect and care. If magic is used sensibly, “ecologically,” it will replenish itself, but if used irresponsibly, it will dry up. The more the magic is used for good, the more it flourishes. But magic can be used for evil, too; such magic becomes destructive and dark-like Black Fire created by the Dark Sorceress. Magic used by mages is always strongest when friends work together, especially humans and magical animals.

Magical Animals

A mage may be lucky enough to bond with a magical animal, developing a relationship that enhances the ability to use magic. Being befriended by one or more of these magical animals is a very special gift. Magical animals ground mages, giving them a balance to use magic properly. All magical animals can speak, but unless you have magic, you will never hear them. Once a connection is made, the bond remains forever.

Magic Glade

Beautiful glade that is the heart of Ravenswood’s magic.

Magic Jewels

Formed by compressed magic, jewels focus and control magic. In the same way that a crystal breaks down light into primary colors, these jewels break down matter and energy into primary elemental forces of fire, water, air, and earth, which can be used individually or combined in myriad ways to achieve amazing magical results. The strength and specific manifestation of the magic depends on the composition of the stone used, as well as the particular talents of the person using it. They are self recharging, provided they are not drained completely. Jewels transform, changing as the mage’s power develops.

Magic Master

Mage who has completed all levels of training or who is accomplished in a specific area of magic.

Magic Web

Intricate magical grid that distributes the magic of Avalon to all worlds contained in its delicate balance. Wherever the web crisscrosses, there is a portal for traveling between different places on the web. The portal on the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve is a point of many crisscrossing threads and the only known portal on Earth – so far. The web is a fragile construction that must be fueled with good magic. The Fairimentals are trying to keep the web strong and whole, as it should be for all life to remain in perfect balance on all worlds.


A hub or connecting point along the web containing many portals.


Vast and empty world accessed through the Fairy Realms, used as a prison because no portals lead there.

Pet Palace

Animal hotel created and run by Emily, adjacent to the Stonehill Animal Hospital.


Magical doorways along the web that connect two distant places.

Ravenswood Manor

Gothic manor house on the Ravenswood Preserve.

Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve

Wildlife preserve operated by the mages, sanctuary to magical and non magical animals alike. The owner of Ravenswood, Henry Gardner, has mysteriously vanished. 
(Click here for a Map of Ravenswood.)

Rocking Stone

Ancient Indian totem shaped like a towering granite arrow, near the magic glade in Ravenswood. The tower points to the portal in a field in Ravenswood.


A magic master who uses dark magic for their own gain and does not bond with magical animals.


Using music and lyrics to amplify magic and create magic spells.

Spirit Pack

The ghosts of every mistwolf who ever lived, and the source of the pack’s magic and knowledge of the past.

Spirit Trail

Ancient mistwolf path in the spirit world run by the spirit pack.

The spirit trail connects all mistwolves to their past and to Avalon.

Spirit World

A mystical plane containing the spirit trail. Mistwolves are the only living creatures who can go there.

Unicorn Academy

School where young unicorns learn how to use their magic, run the magic web and maintain the magic along the web. Located on Dalriada.


A person, male or female, who is especially skilled in broad fields of magical activity. Wizards usually mentor and teach mages about magic. Wizards do not need jewels or magical animals although both always help make lasting and strong magic.