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Zunalyn (Zuna) Logan

Zunalyn (Zuna) Logan

Zunalyn (Zuna) Logan
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Born on Aldenmor, Zuna was o ne of the few humans who inhabited the magical world. Her father died when she was 2 and her mother was taken captive by the Dark Sorceress 3 years later. Zuna was raised by merfolk and lived on the beaches of Aquatania for most o f life. Her best friend is a merboy named Twain who refers to her as •zooms• because of speed in the water, At the age of 12 she discovered her sun-stone and began to secretly train herself in the arts of magic with it. About a month after her 13th birthday the mages d iscovered her and took her to Earth. Zuna currently lives with the other warrior, Adriana, at the Ravenswood Preserve. She attends school at Stonehill Middle School with the three mages. She is the captain of the swim team, due to her remarkable swimming abilities (because of how she was raised). Zuna continues

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